My Blog

Being a full-time teacher and a mom of three kids it’s the most exhausting, enjoyable and valuable job. Without these two kinds of human beings the mankind wouldn’t exist.

Being a teacher is not just teaching a lesson in front of the students, it’s about loving, caring,inspiring, motivating, respecting those students in front of us (teachers).

And MOM- Miracle Of Mankind, sounds great, but whatever you say about that name is not enough. She is a mom, a doctor, an educator, a 24/7 housewife, a counselor, a psychologist, an alarm clock and much more she is a woman, and women run the world.

So, that’s the way I explain my blog in a few words. All my focus will be on everyday life experience of a full-time teacher, a wife, and a mother of three little kids.
But, as my start up quote says: “And suddenly you feel strong and promising getting ready for the new beginnings”, I am ready for the new paths in my life…