Cooperative Learning

Numbered Heads Together

Numbered heads together is a cooperative learning strategy which is very helpful for an ELT class especially in reviewing the material taught. Using this strategy each student is accountable for learning the material. Students are divided into groups and each student is given a number from 1 to 6. Teacher needs two dice of different colours, one will represent the group and the other the particular member within the group. Then the teacher poses a question and students put their heads together to discuss an answer. When the teacher roll the dice, students stop talking. The teacher calls a group and a group member, for example group 6 student 4. The student within the group whose number is rolled is considered as a spokesman and should answer the question. If the answer is correct the team scores 1 point, otherwise the dice are rolled again. This way will continue during the whole class.

By having students work together in groups, the strategy ensures that each member of the group knows the answer. This way they benefit from each other and revise the material taught previously as well. It is a very beneficial and flexible strategy in promoting discussion and revising the material taught as well as increasing achievement and self-esteem. It can be used in variety level of students.