Comparative and Superlative Adjectives

Teaching comparative and superlative adjectives are simple structures that fill an English class with lots of creativity.

Using board games may be a great activity to teach adjectives.

In the following board game I have included lots of adjectives students can use to describe things or people.

At the beginning of the lesson, I explain the definition, form and usage of adjectives following with examples.

Then I write ten adjectives that describe people on the board. Young, old, short, tall, happy, angry, smart, long, fat, slim (need them for later).

Afterwards, I divide students into groups of four and give each group a copy of board game. Then challenge them to write the adjectives in comparative and superlative (encourage them to ask for help if they need). Once the task is completed I go around and ask students to say the comparatives and superlatives.

Then I ask them to describe a student in the classroom. They use the board game adjectives as well as the adjectives written on the board at the beginning of the class. Ask them to use as many adjectives as possible in order to be the winner. If there is time, students will read their description otherwise it will be done in the next class.

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