Common Collocations

A collocation is a two or more words that often go together. As many collocations you use your English will sound more natural.

Start the lesson writing some hot verbs on the board such as: make, get, do, have, and take. Get students try and complete them with other words and make collocations.

Afterwards, explain that students are going to play a game in which they mime collocations for other students to guess.

Divide students into groups of four to five students. Give each group a set of triangles with collocations. Each student in each group choose a collocation and mime to other groups to guess the meaning. This way the game will continue until all the tringles have been used. The group that will collect the most correct answers will be the winners.


In the end, I ask students to choose five collocations they like most and use them in sentences leaving gaps and ask their pairs to fill in the gaps. This way they practice and learn more collocations.