Past Continuous tense

How much can you remember?

The aim of the lesson is to revise Past Continuous while students study a picture for two minutes then write the answer to the questions about it. They practice writing and speaking skills as well.

Quickly check students’ use of Past Continuous by asking some questions like: What were you doing at 8 o’clock last night? What were you doing at 3 p.m.? What were you doing in the morning? etc.

Check the third person singular if they can remember what each person was doing.

Go on and explain that students are going to look at a picture and then answer questions about it.

Divide students in pairs and give each pair a copy of the worksheet.

Students look at the picture for two minutes then turn the worksheet over. Tell them that you are going to ask them teb questions related to the picture and they should write the answers in a separate piece of paper.

Read the first question, give them 30 seconds (depending on the level of students) to discuss and write the answer. They should write their answers in full sentences, using the Past Continuous. Thus way continue till the last question.

Afterwards, students exchange their answers with a neighbouring pair for marking. Write up the sentences on board. Students get a point for every correct sentence.


  1. There was a young woman sitting on her own. What was she doing?
  2. There was someone on the sea. What was he doing?
  3. There was a boy with his girlfriend? Where were they sitting?
  4. What was the girl doing?
  5. There was a family sitting at a table? What was the mother doing?
  6. What was the father eating?
  7. What were the children eating?
  8. How many people were wearing baseball caps?
  9. How many bottles was the waiter carrying?
  10. What was a man selling on the beach?

Finally end the class discussing the following questions:

What do you find easy to remeber?

What do you find difficult to remember?

What techniques do you use to remember things?

Some ideas are taken from New Headway Pre-Intermediate book, Teacher’ Resource book.