A Vacation WebQuest

Formal cooperative learning method is used to accomplish this vacation Webquest task. Students work together for one class period to several weeks, to achieve shared learning goals and complete their assignment about organisation of a summer vacation.


Summer is too close and the high school is nearing the end. After the exit or mature examination and after celebrating it, you are going on a ten days vacation with your teacher. So, you are going to be the planners of the vacation. Your options are: Egypt, California, China and France. It is up to you to choose the country where you are going to spend your vacation.

Good luck and enjoy your activity!



Do you remember your days in school, team work? Whenever you had to do and difficult or interesting task you worked in groups in order to be more successful.

Now you are going to work in groups again to find out important information and attractive places to visit in order to have the best vacation ever. There will be four groups of three students where each group will look and collect information for one country. To be more specific, one group will gather information about Egypt, one will look for China, the third group will find information about California and the last group will be engaged looking for important information to France. Your job is very exciting and interesting indeed.

You will experience your vacation as soon as you sit in front of your computers and begin searching for the most important, interesting, attractive and beautiful sightseeing places, hotels, restaurants and beaches of above mentioned countries.

Think about all teammates interests.


Before getting started your planning vacation you will decide first who do you want to be in the group with? Doing so the group work will be more effective and enjoyable as well. In this way you will avoid disagreements or any possible trouble. Then you will start gathering information and planning your vacation. But, since you do not know much about those countries, work together as a group and find a map of your vacation country which will help you to find a location and after you have chosen the place you would like to visit, you can follow the steps below to perform all your duties of your assigned team role. You can visit the credits page websites to find your wanted map and useful information about your vacation.

Afterwards, each student will do the following task to complete the vacation plan.

Group 1- Country Egypt

Student 1 – will look for good and manageable hotels, and airplane tickets.

Student 2 – will look for restaurants and beaches.

Student 3 – will look for sightseeing places and shopping centers.

Group 2 – Country China

Student 1 – will look for good and manageable hotels and airplane tickets.

Student 2 – will look for restaurants and beaches.

Student 3 – will look for sightseeing places and shopping centers.

Group 3- Country California

Student 1- will search and gather information about good and manageable hotels and airplane tickets.

Student 2- will look for restaurants and beaches.

Student 3- will collect information about sightseeing places and shopping centers.

Group 4- Country France

Student 1- will search for good and reasonable hotels and airplane tickets.

Student 2- will look for restaurants and beaches.

Student 3- will be engaged looking for sightseeing places and shopping centers.

After you have gathered all the information you needed and wanted, each group will have a meeting with their teammates where you will choose the most important and appropriate information and prepare presentation for the class.

Think about all teammates interests.


Your vacation is ready, so you just have to book your plane tickets.

During these activities, planning your vacation, you have learned many things about the four optional vacation countries and you can now guide people for making a decision where to go on a vacation. You have learned how to search on the Internet in order to find important and reasonable information for a good vacation. You have also learned new vocabulary while searching on the Internet, cooperate with your friends and taking into consideration your responsibilities.


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